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2010 Reginal Camp held in Cuatempan....

The Cuatempan ministry was initiated by the Chastain Family (Jim, Alta, Joy, Ryan & Cheri) began decades ago.

Ryan went to be with the Lord, we all miss him dearly and thank the Lord for the memories God has given us. Ryan grew up with Daniel and Philip, as a brother'.

Adolpho was one of the many converts. He and Juan both ministered in the regional camp 2010.

We thank the Lord for the ministry and for the Eternal fruit that continues to be produced.

Teresa is the pastor's wife at Osorno, Puebla, Mexico. They brought 55 campers to the regional camp in Cuatempan. Teresa stands here today as an answer to Mrs. Deborah Rotman's faithful prayers for her during the year that would have been life changing in her life. I will share the details of this awesome story of what God did through faithful prayer.... so keep watching

Regional Camp 2010 Slide Show

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