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Because many were going to Mexico City to work, we realized that in order to help build godly families, we needed an outreach in Mexico City.

After much research for the exact place in Mexico City, where all could arrive via subway, without paying taxis, etc. God lead us to Tacubaya. At first we met in a park, however have rented a tiny room for years.

Every time we ponder if we should close it down, God shows us how important the outreach is as it continues to grow. However, it costs $500 a month to rent the tiny storeroom, and we don't know how much longer we can pay that. The church has a budget and helps pay the rent about once or twice a year. Ken put them on a budget which includes Evangelism, etc. so that they will be well rounded in their giving, and not only save for a 'building fund' but be doing outreach as they grow.

Pray with us, as we save and search for a 2-story house to purchase: the church would be the lower flour; the upstairs could be where the pastor would live.

We have challenged the church with a matching gift fund of $4,000.00 to put down a down payment.

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