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As of now, there are 8, part time, MNM missionaries.

There are trained Mexicans who are ready minister in church planting, throughout Mexico, in places where there is no Bible believing church.

We have a program that would make it possible for you to support a Mexican National Missionary.  

What is the:



As I am just beginning the website, in order to help us understand what the M.N.M. is, I will post the first report. I am doing this step by step. Lord willing will have the updated reports and explainations posted soon. The MNM is functioning, however is deeply lacking supporters. There are trained workers who would be able join the MNM if God laid it on hearts to support the national missionaries. Now that we are setting up the website, Lord willing we can keep you more informed as to what God is doing through your prayers and help in teaming up in obeying the Great Commission.

This is a brief description of how the Mexican National Mission is set up and to help us understand where the Mexican National Mission desires to help.


The purpose of the Mexican National Mission is to help the national workers fulfill the great commission that our Lord Jesus Christ gave. This fulfillment will be made possible financially and also by providing them an organization from which to labor. M.N.M. will give leadership, guidance and will also make them accountable for their finances and for their work as well as being evaluated once a year. 

How the M.N.M. is sponsored:

The MNM is sponsored, in part, by 3 different organizations:

1. U.I.E.M. will be supporting this home mission board with 5 % of its funding. This funding will come from:

~the executive committee


~other areas where finances can be received.

2. The Patronato Board was set up several years ago. Moneys were collected by the U.S.A. and given to a national board of directors for the purpose of helping pastors and Mexican missionaries. The Patronato was only to use the interest that was collected, they were not suppose to use the principal, therefore because of the deterioration of the economy of Mexico, this money brings in very little interest. However, the Patronato has agreed to support the M.N.M. with 10% of its income.

3. In the beginnings (1996), U.F.M. Mexico (now Crossworld) helped M.N.M. with 85% of the funds that would be involved. We have proposed to the executive committee of the U.I.E.M. and to the mission board that we hope to see that the % that the Mexican churches will participate will grow in agreement of how the mission itself functions and grows, therefore we hope to see the U.I.E.M. executive committee taking on more and more % wise of the MNM.


The mission board itself was established on August 4, 1996. It is made up of 3 nationals and 2 missionaries. The mission board consists of a treasurer, a secretary, an auxiliary treasure and also 2 directors of evaluation. It’s made up of 1 Mexican and 1 missionary.

They are responsible:

1. For the help of the national workers.

2. Evaluating the place and doing the survey work where we might desire to send a new missionary

3. For helping the missionary develop a plan of work

4. For helping him make decisions as to how the work should progress in the area where they are working

5. In helping the national worker fill out his evaluation forms and follow through the goals he has set for reaching the area in which he’ll be working

6. Will be a great deal of work, in visiting the national workers and helping them make decisions as to how to work in the area in which they are working

The national worker themselves will be responsible for:

1. An evaluation once a year

2. Turning in evaluation of their work for each month

Description of the pilot program as described in the begining stage: 

A pilot program was begun with a very moderate budget of $5,000 pesos which is around $700 dollars. We are helping 4 different missionaries which are involved in different areas of work:

~ One family is involved in a completely new are in trying to establish a new church

~ One family is invoved in starting where one of the medical caravans were this past year in Acoscatlan

~ One single missionary working in his home town where the Caravan took place two years ago. We hope to see that in these three areas churches being formed in the near future in that immediately they will be responsible for taking on % of these national workers salary or help.

We hope to see this being put into progress as we also see a 4 missionary who is going to be working with several new groups that really haven’t been formed into any type of church. We have asked him to dedicate his time in one certain village so that he might see a church developed there and where he might also begin to receive his help each month.

The idea is to see each one of these churches or areas, when they have a functional group to begin to help their national worker and to help the mission with a percentage of what they take in their offering each month. It may be very small in the beginning, but we hope to see that as the years progress, each church will take on more and more of the responsibility for their national worker and also they’ll have the vision of reaching out in a missionary way by putting funds back into the MNM by which the MNM will be able to send out new missionaries into other areas.

Lord willing, by sitting down with each group and with each worker over a period of years, each church will be able to take on the full responsibility of taking of supporting their national worker and that national worker will be able to stay there and work as a pastor even after the mission itself has withdrawn it’s support. So percentage wise each year the group itself should take on more responsibility for itself and for the national mission.

Our hopes and desires are

1. That these new established churches will be more functional in their desire to reach out to new areas

2. Have more of a mission vision, have more of a desire to support a national work because they will have more ownership in it

3. By having a greater missionary vision in reaching other parts of Mexico this will be part of the two directors of evaluation job description in that they will try to communicate this vision with the church group that is being formed and also maintain dialogue with the workers themselves so that they will have understanding of what will be taking place year by year of their salary.

Their gift from the mission will decrease year by year as the group itself increases its giving, thereby eventually will become self supporting so that the mission will be able to move on to new areas and new types of work throughout Mexico

Our desire also is

1>after seeing if the pilot program works in new areas that eventually moving into some of the older established churches and

2>offering them a pastor full time, for a certain amount of time, and thereby the church itself thereby realizing its need to help their pastor financially, they will also begin to grow and take on more and more percentage wise the salary of their national worker and eventually the mission being able to pull out of these older established churches sooner. But living within the new missionary vision is the ability of supporting their own national worker with the desire of being owners of this MNN and being owners in the work themselves by knowing that God has directed them in that way.

3>we would like to see this mission being able to take on certain current ministries such as bible Institute teacher, Correspondence school, Workers in clinic, camp, TEE workers, thereby these permanent types of ministries will be able to be supported by the MNN.

These goals and vision for the furture are probably several years down the road but that is the idea behind the formation of this national mission and therefore we hope that by receiving funds not only by the Mexican churches, in the patronatonto also for churches and organizations here in the USA and individuals that this program will progress in its ability to help us grow as a Mexican force in reaching Mexicans. In the Mexican mission being owned and the responsibility being taken on by the Mexicans themselves for the purpose of reaching their own people.

This is the desire of this MNM and the desire of the ones that are working at this moment with the MNM board. Hopefully this is a brief explanation of how the MNM will function.


MNM Report Winter 2000

 "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is there anything too hard for me?" Jer. 32:27&The members of the Mexican National Missionwould like to express deep gratitude for your prayers and financial support. With your help, the Lord has allowed M.N.M. continue to minister in Mexico. We thank God for the great things He has done; is doing; and will continue to do; through your prayers and support to the M.N.M.. Thanks for your part in helping Mexican Reach Mexicans with the Word of God!

The Uriel Hernández family continue serving in Ixtlán de Juárez (1-hour from Oaxaca City). The Lord has been blessing and he sees a definite need for more pastors to come and help in the villages of that area. Uriel feels that one young man, Lalo, is ready to become a pastor. Please pray for Lalo as he continues to study a Theological Education Course (TEE) in Hermeneutics. Please continue to pray for Uriel, Lalo, their families, and for the village churches where they are ministering.

Daniel Mersenario continues to serve faithfully in Rincón de Oaxaca training several men as they reach out to various villages in the region.

God has used Eliud Trejo to reach several families in the village of Agua Zarca. We thank the Lord that they are now meeting regularly.

Filiberto Escobedocontinues to minister faithfully in the Otomí Region. He is involved in preparing laymen to function as pastors and to lead services. Much time is spent in personal evangelism, discipleship and counseling individuals. By the end of this year he officially finishes his duty as director of the Christian laymen of that region. Lord willing, they will consider extending his term for another two years as he has been very faithful and God is using him mightily.The Otomí region is a very remote and difficult region to minister in, as many are very hardened towards the Gospel. We praise God for how He has lead Filiberto to return to minister to his people. He had to take his children out of school because of lack of funds. We thank the Lord that through your support, his children are now able to go to school. Pray for Filiberto and his family and for the outreach among the Otomí.

The Eulalio Tejo family continues to serve faithfully in Molango, Hidalgo. We thank the Lord for the 6 who were baptized recently. The construction for the church there is progressing well. The walls and the arcs are up and the next step is to pour the roof. One of the converts from that areas, Joel, is studying at the Bible Institute. He will graduate June 2001. Eulalio is working towards Joel taking over the responsibilities there after his graduation. This would make it possible for Eulalio to be able to move to began planting churches in a new area. This is exciting, as this is one of the goals of M.N.M., that churches grow and reproduce. Please pray for Eulalio, for the ministry in Molango and for Joel as he continues studying God’s Word at the Bible Institute.

Nicolás Reséndiz continues to minister in helping the churches in many areas, including keeping them alert to the new requirements that are continually being changed by the Mexican government. Thanks for your prayer for him. He and Eulalio Trejo continue to minister in the Medical Caravan Evangelism.

Demetrio del Angel and his family continue a steady ministry in the villages below the town of Cuetzalan. The ministry was greatly enhanced by the help given by several Christian University students who came and ministered in Cuetzalan, Puebla. He has been a faithful church planter for many years. We thank God that M.N.M. is a part of this ministry.

Josué and Vicky Hernández have continued to minister in Buenos Aires. However, because ministry and personal needs, they have submitted their resignation to the MNM. Thanks for praying for them as they continue to serve the Lord faithfully. Pray for the continuing development of the group in Buenos Aires.

We thank the Lord for using you to help the MNM continue to reach out to Mexico with the Word of God.

Sincerely in Christ,

Board of Directors and Mexican National Missions

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