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There are many unreached villages ...

...spread through the mountains,


people who have never heard the Gospel!

Doris Puckett wrote a Missionary Biography about the beginnings of the Totonac Ministry

'In the Hollow of His Hand"

For years we hiked to the villages. Now there are 'roads' which the truck can 'bump' too. Most are unpaved and with the heavy rains, deep ruts continue to be formed that get larger and Larger and LARGER..... Thanks for your prayers and also for the truck, which is beginning to have major problems, though has served us well up and down many village roads. 


Theological Education by Extention

Many ETT courses are given, studied, and completed by the village pastors.

Thank the Lord for many who accept Christ as their personal savior.

Before                                                                      After

What a JOY to see how God can give real joy!

Some of the very best cooks in the world, live in the villages!

House to house visitation

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