C.O.S.E.C.H.A. Ministries - 'Christians of Service Extending Christ's Harvest Abroad'
We know that as people pray, God will supply every need.   We thank all our faithful prayer supporters and financial supporters. 
We have lost a large number of strong prayer warriors and financial supporters, who have gone on to Glory.  I'm sure they are rejoicing with Jesus and also many of the people that they helped us to reach, who are no in heaven too.
We covet your prayers.
If God would lay it on your heart to send support, it would truly help us to continue as the ministry continues to grow and produce much fruit.
                         Ministry Address:
C.O.S.E.C.H.A. Ministries  
20770 Hwy 281 No. Ste. 108 PMB 102
San Antonio, TX 78258-7500 
You are welcome to designate to the ministrythat God leads you to.  Your support is tax deductible.
Thanks so much.
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