C.O.S.E.C.H.A. Ministries - 'Christians of Service Extending Christ's Harvest Abroad'
Birds-eye view of 2010 Activities
Preached a series of sermons on the Good Shepherd (John 10) ministering in the village of Mecatlan
Preached in a number of the villages.
A young man who had been on drugs accepted the Lord as his own personal savior. Please pray for Manuel.
Preached in a number of the villages.
Important decisions with the national pastors, with a clear focus in obeying the Great Commision.
The Lord provided in that Sandra purchased and sent a number of flashlights for the Totonac pastors & lay workers who attended the Annual National Convention, held in San Sabastian, Veracruz. When they arrived and were given the flashlights, they praised the LORD, as there was no electricity around the place they were to stay for a week. The flashlights were a blessing from the Lord and He was glorifed.  Thanks for all you do in praying and supporting the ministry so that we are able to minister as God lays on our heart in even small areas as small as sending flashlights and batteries. 
Traveled throughout the villages on an Evangelistic Crusade for 2 weeks. Many Eternal decisions were made.
Spent time with Pastors & Decons in the different village churches.
Ministered with the young married families who attend church in Mexico City.
75 from Santo Domingo went to help the church in Panchovilla begin construction for two days
Joshua (Santo Domingo), and his wife now have 2 children. In seeking the best way to teach his children the Bible, he took the extra step and traveled a day's journey to Tasquillo where he attended classes at the Bible Institute, preparing to teach the Bible to children.  He then returned to direct VBS in his village where 400 children attended. Next they foresee having 1,500 children attend.
Gave classes at the Bible Institute in preparations for the summer camp Ministry
Hauled pews from First Baptist Church of Bulverde, Texas to Mecatlan, Veracruz. The deacons in Mecatlan cried with deep thanksgiving to God, as they accepted the gift in awe of the wonders of GOD. The pews were vintage, therefore solid wood, which will hold up better in the semi-tropics.
June 28, 15 pastors & layworkers joined together at the Bible Institute to repair the roof of the main building, in prepartion for the summer camp ministry.
17 Young adults gave their vacatioon to come and serve in the Camp Ministry
17 marriages were enriched through the Married Couples Retreat
23 campers accepted the Lord as their own personal Savior
Keep coming back to the site, we will be adding a LOT about the Summer Camp as time permits!
Hermano Joshua directed the VBS in Santo Domingo
Also there were VBS's held in a number of Totonac villages throughout the Mecatlan Region.
Church in Panchovilla is basically completed  (sides and roof on)
Prepared for ministry in PA, VA and WV.
Ministered in churches in PA, VA and WV
Ministered in churches in VA and WV
Traveled back to Texas
Began the COSECHA Website (if you have ideas or corrections for this site, we are open. We are just learning. Our prayer is that this site will keep our supporters well informed with prayer requests and updates and be used for the glory of God. I hope to post true missionary stories each month and give you an opportunity to discuss and give input. We would love your comments and interactions.  THANKS.)
Enjoyed Christmas with family
Preparations to head into Mexico
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